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Service Advisory: House design style, customer service, communication areas, input costs, customer service according to customer request designer scheduled on-site housing.

volume: to the customer to be decorated by the designer House in situ measurements exact dimensions, viewing environment, understanding factors such as lighting, ventilation, overall style of communication with the customer on site, room demand, personalized requirements.

design plans: design according to customer's design layout style, preferences, needs, and take about three days, floor plan design of good customers come to discuss an appointment after graphic design program, communicate, modify, finalize the plan.

design agreement signed: plans to identify design Protocol started design construction plans (elevations), construction drawings including switches, various Cabinet interior layout, living room dining room decoration drawing, ceilings on the top, and so on about 30 drawings, take about seven days.

confirm construction plans and budget: reservation customers to communication construction, material selection, budgeting, budget for the final budget of the company, post does not require customers to increase construction costs, unless the customer requires additional construction projects, additional construction projects the company will issue a construction change order, indicating the customer requirements increase or change the specific construction projects, as well as cost increases or decreases.

to sign the construction contract: the entire set of construction drawings, material selection, budgeting, through communication, modified, finalized after signing construction contracts, contract duration, as well as in the construction of a variety of matters. Contract by the company, as well as additional provisions of the contract.

construction: construction by hydro-electricity, water, wood, painted in order a road construction, construction must not be allowed, in principle, unless the client time is very tight, requiring construction to shorten their own (uniforms). Concrete construction process is the entry of each process materials, client checks the signature and construction engineering for customer acceptance, after signing the acceptance into the next process. For example: entry of water and electricity materials, the project manager will inform the customer in advance, inform the customer that water and electricity materials entering dates, accounts schedule according to the budget, or marked on the contract acceptance of materials, all of our materials are authentic, customers can call the product indicated on the security phone and security code to check, after confirmation of acceptance the customer signature and acceptance, hydro started construction. Acceptance of construction project manager will be at the end, and then call the customer to come to acceptance of construction works and materials after customer acceptance through signature, go to the next step in paving, paving, and the subsequent project steps and utilities.

arrear: abate after the very last painting project with project closure works include the installation of switches, lighting, sanitary ware, hardware, laying flooring, and so on. Because of customer purchases goods and installation problems, during the third party merchants on the product in place and install the timing, so the project manager may need to communicate with customers, depending on the situation to the customer delays.

acceptance as a whole maintains cleanliness: overall project acceptance by the customer after the project ends, after the acceptance by the company as a whole maintains cleanliness, the concealed works of and give the customer the warranty as well as CDs, after customer installation of home appliances and other products can refer to the hidden works CD, concealed works of avoid damage during installation.