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Advantages of Photocatalyst in the indoor environment control

is a photocatalyst reaction catalyst using light energy, issued a photo-Catalytic oxidation in air, active substances, toxic gas down into carbon dioxide and water to purify the air, sterilization and disinfection purposes. Photo-Catalytic oxidation does not consume Photocatalyst material itself, so this method is very durable. Photocatalytic disinfection methods have been recognized by the China Association of engineering societies.


at present due to the production process and raw materials because auto makers could not have these harmful gases into the new car, so we can only take a scientific and effective methods of purifying the indoor environment. Photocatalyst technology is the industry recognized the real environmental protection, effective measures. Photocatalyst in removing harmful gases can also kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens can be described as "two birds with one stone".

concept and characteristics of composite Photocatalyst

Photocatalyst is the catalyst for the participation of the light. In 1972, the A.Fujisma found on K.Honda in n-type semiconductor electrode and the water photoelectricity catalytic decomposition function, use this as an opportunity, began a new era of multi-phase photo-Catalysis Research recently, due to the light catalyst in purification gas phase and excellence of the contaminants in the water, has become a very important area of Photocatalyst application.

titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst, in the presence of light to produce than chemical oxidation air/electronic, CO2  and organic matter thorough oxidation H2O, thus completely eliminating pollution, due to bacteria and germs as well as organic, it can also be completely killed.

people also found that titanium dioxide photocatalytic nano-coating in the presence of light with Super-hydrophilicity of contact angle is close to zero, which in turn gives the hydrophilic Photocatalyst coating stain resistant features, make the paint always in new condition, and from pollution.

the above General Photocatalyst with UV light is activated, and composite Photocatalyst through doping of nanomaterials, which can in no light or low light situations can very well play a role in 2-3 times more active, making composite Photocatalyst effect is greatly increased.

Photocatalyst of principle:

Photocatalyst product is becoming more popular now, a new environmentally friendly materials, primarily composed of nanometer titanium dioxide. After spraying the product on the wall, forming a thin film by absorbing ultraviolet light from the Sun as a catalyst, produces reactive oxygen and nitrogen-oxygen-free radicals, to degradation of harmful chemicals in the air, especially for formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and other harmful substances have strong ability to degrade. Not only that, the Photocatalyst product also has a strong sterilization function. Laboratory test results show that Photocatalyst Escherichia, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Legionella has a strong ability to kill. Because light catalyst is toxic, in the process of governance will not cause secondary environmental pollution, caused widespread concern in the global environmental protection industry.