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Four types of home improvement goods is easy to produce pollution

        summer temperatures, indoor furniture containing harmful substances more volatile, should pay attention to sheet metal, furniture, decorative materials for four categories of home improvement goods and textiles formaldehyde.  

plate   current the adhesives are used to produce artificial boards to formaldehyde urea-formaldehyde resin as main ingredient, plate residue will gradually and did not participate in the reaction of formaldehyde released into the environment, resulting in elevated levels of formaldehyde in indoor air.

furniture   from the current detection surveys, furniture is the indoor environmental pollution caused China's urban families and building contamination, decoration pollution tied for one of the three major sources of indoor air pollution.

decorative materials   some decorative materials such as white emulsions, foams, paints and coatings, such as excessive levels of formaldehyde. White LaTeX adhesive label does not contain formaldehyde, and nearly 5 times excessive levels of formaldehyde. LaTeX adhesives are widely used in the decoration of wood and wall surface processing aspect.

textile   in the production of textiles, in order to increase wrinkle resistance, water resistance and fire resistance, often adding some additives containing formaldehyde, so interior decoration textiles, including bedding, wall coverings, wallpaper, carpet, curtains and fabric furniture and so on, also contaminated with formaldehyde.