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National standards for indoor air testing

1. testing should be scheduled at least 7 days after its completion in decoration, decoration and complete. Many consumers think that just finished renovation immediately detect the best, but maintenance of the paint and coatings normally last for 7 days, 7 days is essential when the highest concentrations of various pollutants, after 7 days can be reduced to a stable state, at this time is the best testing phase.  

2. concentrations of indoor air pollutants is closely related with external doors and Windows closed, external doors and Windows closed longer, higher concentrations of indoor pollutants. Radon detection of external doors and Windows should be closed after 24 hours, after fully ventilated 4 other pollutants both at, close 1 hour after the external doors and Windows. This is the accumulation of pollutants are considered and the actual provisions of the normal working life. In addition, the construction of centralized air conditioning air conditioning under normal operation conditions sampling and testing.  

3. national standards for pollutant concentration limits (apart from radon,) is a limited value after deducting the outdoor air gap, meant to measure indoor and outdoor pollutant content levels of pollutants, subtracting the two contaminants are caused due to indoor decoration materials. Because not architectural control of outdoor air pollution, especially in a building at the same time there are many household decoration, little air pollution around the building has reached a certain level, measuring the amount of outdoor air pollutants determine the indoor air quality is particularly important. Some standardized testing tends to ignore this, outdoor measurement at all, consumers should pay attention to oversight.  

4. at this stage, national standards in addition to allowing radon, formaldehyde can be used outside the field-portable detection equipment, ammonia, benzene, total volatile organic compound 3 is provided for the field to the laboratory after sampling measurement. National standards set strict specification for field-portable instruments, testing instrument is difficult to determine whether it meets the requirements for ordinary consumers, the simplest way is to require testing of the instruments used to produce from the Department (calibration) certificate.  

5. consumer attention to environmental quality, is a good thing, but also rational consumption, air, after all, quality inspection fee for individuals is a burden. Detection of consumers should be aware what is the purpose? Be evidence of dispute resolution, or want to understand the environment in which they live, in order to improve the quality of life? Is to solution disputes, must to find has qualification of detection units, room in cannot has any purchased furniture, to strictly implementation above mentioned of detection external conditions; as only is wants to understand himself of live situation, to analysis home by with decorative material and may produced pollutants of type, from nuclear industrial Beijing Geological Institute long-term of detection results see, in Beijing area exceeded more serious of is formaldehyde, and benzene, and total volatile sex organic, consumers can has select to selected some detection project, didn't necessary pursuit "full".

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